Released on 02 February 2007.

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What Women Don't Know About Men, Love and Sex Could Fill a Book

An entertaining and informative guide for women into the modern male mind, soul and libido

and Ted Spiker

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In this entertaining book, bestselling author and Men’s Health Editor-in-Chief David Zinczenko reveals the truth about men, based on the amazingly revealing results of an online survey, and explains how women can learn to use this new-found knowledge to their advantage.

Readers will discover why men cheat (and the secret to keeping them faithful for life), how men know in the first five minutes whether or not they are interested in a relationship with you, what to do to really impress him in bed, the simple words that will help break a man’s silence and get him talking about the relationship, and much, much more.

Irreverent yet practical, What Women Don’t Know About Men, Love and Sex Could Fill a Book will answer all the questions every woman has ever had about men.