Released on 01 January 2015.

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Memories Are Made of This

Dean Martin Through His Daughter's Eyes

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From the outside, Dean Martin had it all, and yet sometimes, to his daughter Deana, he seemed like the loneliest man in the world.

In Memoiries are Made of This Deana describes her father's partnership with Jerry Lewis, who idolized Dean in a way that suffocated him, and the huge part that Sinatra played in their lives. She evokes the glamorous world of the Rat Pack, where Hollywood and Vegas were their playground, and filmstars, the Kennedys and the Mob their playmates. But Deana also reveals the real man behind the image of the laid-back stage drunk - a man who worked relentlessly; a loving father and husband who nevertheless had a constant string of affairs; a man who was kind, generous and sometimes too trusting.

Packed with rich anecdotes and new information, Memories Are Made of This has the kind of insights only someone who knew Dean intimately could give.