Alberto's Lost Birthday

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Publication date: 17.12.2015
ISBN: 9781447293040
Number of pages: 0


A little boy and his grandfather embark on a quest to find the old man's missing birthday in Diana Rosie's debut novel, Alberto's Lost Birthday.

Alberto is an old man. But he doesn't know how old - he remembers nothing before his arrival at an orphanage during the Spanish civil war.

He rarely thinks about his missing childhood, but when seven-year-old Tino discovers his grandfather has never had a birthday party, never blown out candles on a birthday cake, never received a single birthday present, he's determined things should change. And so the two set out to find Alberto's birthday.

Their search for the old man's memories takes them deep into the heart of Spain - a country that has pledged to forget its painful past. As stories of courage, cruelty and love unfold, Alberto realises that he has lost more than a birthday. He has lost a part of himself. But with his grandson's help, he might just find it again.

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Charms and illuminates in equal measure
Daily Mail
Charming . . . A film script surely beckons
The Herald
A fascinating look at Spain's troubled history and a heart-warming intergenerational love story about the bonds of family