Released on 04 March 2011.

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1998 Short-listed

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction


Underworld opens - famously - at the Dodgers-Giants 1951 National League final, where Bobby Thomson hits The Shot Heard Round the World and wins the pennant race for the Giants. But on the other side of the planet, another highly significant shot was fired: the USSR's first atomic detonation. And so begins a masterpiece of gloriously symphonic storytelling.

Don DeLillo loosely follows the fate of the winning baseball as the book swells and rolls through time. He offers a panoramic vision of America, defined by the overarching conflict of the cold war. This is an awe-inspiring story, seen in deep, clear detail, of men and women, together and apart, as they search for meaning, survival and connection in the toughest of times.

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Among other things, the new novel from Don DeLillo is a remarkable feat of engineering . . . he chisels and carves until he has made something that cannot help but lift your heart: a cathedral of prose . . . He has built a towering structure and I recommend you climb to the top. The view is sensational.
Evening Standard
With Underworld, DeLillo confirms himself in the select group of great American writers truly equal to the temper of very strange times.
Times Literary Supplement
Underworld is nothing less than the story of the States in the Cold War; an epic to set alongside Moby Dick or Augie March.