Released on 01 January 2015.

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Balancing Act

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Thirteen year old Carli Carroll lives in Colorado on the family-run guest ranch. She excels as a gymnast, but Carli's parents give all their time to ranch business. She has to find her own coach to take her forward to the big time – Olympic glory. But before she can excel, her parents intervene. They need her to help out more on the ranch. Something’s got to give – but will it be Carli's dream that’s sacrificed?

These sports stories for girls feature attractive, feisty heroines with a talent for sport. Each novel features a popular sport with girl-appeal. Lively, fast-paced plots show each heroine coping with problems that have the potential to affect her sporting success and happiness, but hard work and talent win through in the end. Other titles in the series include: Kick-off, Slam Dunk, Game, Set and Match and Double Twist.