Released on 01 January 2015.

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Riding High

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Fourteen-year-old Billie Mason and her gorgeous grey gelding, Valentine Kiss, are three-day- eventing naturals who compete at the highest level. But after seeing a terrible accident on the cross-country course, Billie loses her enthusiasm. She’s frightened that something will happen to her beloved horse and avoids training with him – until she realizes that if she doesn’t compete any more, she might lose him anyway . . .

These sports stories for girls feature attractive, feisty heroines with a talent for sport. Each novel features a popular sport with girl-appeal. Lively, fast-paced plots show each heroine coping with problems that have the potential to affect her sporting success and happiness, but hard work and talent win through in the end. Other titles in the series include: Kick-off, Slam Dunk, Game, Set and Match and Double Twist.