Out on 26 September 2024

The Happy High Achiever

Dr Mary Anderson

26 September 2024
288 pages


Dr. Mary Anderson is here to help you beat burnout, reduce stress and manage anxiety – all without losing your edge.

The Happy High Achiever is the clear roadmap that every ambitious-yet-anxious person needs to help you reach your full potential, create achievable goals and find contentment and success. With her groundbreaking 8 Essentials, created from years of research and expertise as a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist, Dr Mary Anderson outlines a clear method to both understand your thoughts and behaviours that may be causing obstacles to your success and happiness, while also teaching you how to build and sustain habits and practices that will help you thrive.Including:

  • The 8 Essentials - Dr Mary’s evidence-based strategies built from research and clinical experience
  • Practical exercises woven through the book
  • Dr Mary’s warm and encouraging voice to guide you through

If you're struggling with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, chronic stress, or just hoping that maybe there’s a world where success doesn’t come at the expense of happiness, this book is for you.