Released on 18 March 2011.

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S .T. O. R. M. The Viper Club

For ages 9-11
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S. T. O. R. M. are: Will Knight: Inventive genius. Creates cutting-edge gadgets. Andrew Minkel: Software millionaire. Founder of S. T. O. R. M. Gaia: Brilliant chemist with a habit of blowing stuff up.

The boss of the Shanghai criminal underworld has issued a deadly challenge to the members of his Viper Club – to create three undetectable methods of murder. At stake is a $100 million dollar prize . . . and the lives of three innocent people. S. T. O. R. M. are in Sydney when they uncover these sinister plans – and so is one of the killers. Who lives, and who dies is all a question of timing . . .

Fast paced, gadget-packed action – perfect for adrenaline junkies