Released on 03 May 2018.

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Patrick Melrose Volume 2

Mother's Milk and At Last

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Now a major Sky TV series starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

The once illustrious, once wealthy Melroses are in peril, and Patrick Melrose, now a husband and father, is trying to gather together the pieces of his life. Caught up in the turmoil of broken promises, assisted suicide, adultery and – most tender and terrifying of all – fatherhood, Patrick is still a long way from salvation, but even as the family struggles against the pull of its dark past, a new generation promises new light, new hope and – perhaps – the promise of a brighter future.

Deeply moving, hilarious and heartbreaking, Patrick Melrose The Later Years contains the final two novels in the Patrick Melrose series: Mother’s Milk and At Last. Also available: Patrick Melrose The Early Years, containing the first three novels in the series, Never Mind, Bad News and Some Hope.