Released on 13 December 2012.

#4 in series
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Double Act

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Returning from several months spent filming her lead role in a brand new TV detective series, Phyllida Moon as misgivings about how she will be received at the Peter Piper Detective Agency. But she has no need to worry – she’s welcomed back with open arms. And Peter has just the job lined up for her . . .

Phyllida doesn’t have much trouble thinking herself into her new role, that of Sonia Sheridan, amateur actress extraordinaire, though she has slightly more difficulty exposing the drug dealing thought exposing the drug dealing thought to be taking place within the Little Theatre Company. She’s on the brink of making an amazing – and totally unexpected – discovery when suddenly something happens that sheds a whole new light on the case. One of the theatre company is murdered – and it looks like the killer could only be a fellow member . . .