#6 in series

No Love Lost

Book 6 in the series

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Publication date: 13.12.2012
ISBN: 9781447239949
Number of pages: 0


When PI Phyllida Moon returns to Seaminster after a trip to Scotland which changed her personal life for ever, the Peter Piper Detective Agency has a nice little job ready and waiting for her. Hugh Jordan is suspicious about just how many late night meetings his wife, Sandra, is having with her business partner – while Sandra is worried about whether there is more to Hugh’s many choir rehearsals than meets the eye.

Phyllida employs her wide variety of disguises to investigate the Jordan’s world: the spinsterish Miss Spence joins the choir, and the amicable American, Merle Parker, befriends Sandra. These masks may succeed in being impenetrable – but the Jordan family, it turns out, is every bit as enigmatic.