Out on 07 February 2019

The Truth About Old People

Elina Ellis

Ages 3-5
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07 February 2019
32 pages

A very funny and lovable picture book tribute to grandparents and older people, ideal for anyone who loves Quentin Blake or Sara Ogilvie.

When you're small, everybody bigger than you seems really old. But does being older have to mean being boring, or slow, or quiet? NO! Elina Ellis' wonderful illustrations reveal that the age you are makes no difference to how amazing you can be.

From the winner of the Macmillan Prize for Illustration 2017, The Truth About Old People is an instant favourite with children and grown-ups that tackles ageism without being preachy. Elina has a great talent for characterful illustration: you'll feel like you've known this family all your life.

Ellis tackles ageism and celebrates older people . . . Her art, reminiscent of Sara Ogilvie has a real joyful energy.