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10 September 15


From the bestselling author of the Cazalet Chronicles comes Elizabeth Jane Howard's Falling.

Harry Kent is a sensitive man in late middle age, a reader and a thinker, without means perhaps but not without charm.

Daisy has recovered from her unhappy past by learning to be self-sufficient, and viewing trust as a weakness. But there is still a part of her that yearns to be cared for once more.

It is this part that Henry sees, and with dedicated and calculated patience he works at her defences. So despite all attempts to resist his attentions, Daisy finds herself falling under Henry's spell . . .

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A novel which, although full of subtle touches, is as unputdownable as any thriller.
The Times
An engaging study of love which explores our deepest needs and desires.
I found myself seduced by her clever evocation of people and places, her perfect ear for dialogue and her elegant, sensitive portrayal of contemporary life.
Sunday Telegraph