Released on 01 January 2015.

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Mr Wrong

Lover, loser, or Ladies' Man? The True Confessions of

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Men can sometimes be very charming and funny, and make you laugh out loud. Unfortunately, men also tend to spend rather a lot of their time being idiotic or infuriating; thoughtless, clueless and crap.

Meet Mark Barrowcliffe. Mark has had over fifty girlfriends in all, depending on what your definition of a ‘girlfriend’ is. He’s now happily married – to girlfriend fifty-something – but why couldn’t he hold on to any of the others? From first kisses to Commitment, whirlwind affairs and heartbreak, Mr Wrong is the very funny, sometimes uncomfortable, true memoir of every girl Mark Barrowcliffe has ever been out with.

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Each of these stories may be read again with real pleasure.
Daily Telegraph
Howard has a gift for tilting our sense of reality . . . wry humour and elegant perceptions.