Released on 31 July 2014.

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Little Mouse's Big Book of Beasts

For ages 3-5
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Little Mouse has found a new book, and this time it's full of scary creatures. Undaunted, he bravely sets about removing or altering all the scariest bits: cosy mittens to cover the lion's claws, ruby lips to replace the shark's teeth -- and he even pole vaults out of the way of the bear!

Full of flaps, jokes and Emily Gravett's trademark wit, with a brilliantly satisfying ending, Little Mouse's Big Book of Beasts is a worthy companion to the multi-award-winning Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears.

In the media

Botboy likes the interactive pages, swatting the wasps with the newspaper and lifting the flaps.
Talk About Cheesecake
Like Wolves, this book takes a sideways approach to real anxieties, the pages devoted to those particularly predators of mice, the owl and snake, do have a disturbing aspect. The final pages, collecting all the bits that mouse has taken from each of the previous pages, expresses the triumph of little over large, of imagination over fear.
Books for Keeps
Collage-style spreads with die-cut flaps, crafty instructions (including how to make Origami mice and sharks!), and cautionary poems make for a busy but brilliant Big Book of Beasts.