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Two Hoots

Publication date: 02.10.2009
ISBN: 9780230531369
Number of pages: 32


A hopeful little frog tries to turn himself into a handsome prince by piecing together the torn pages of a spell book. There's just one problem - although Frog knows all about magical spells, spelling is another matter . . .

There are lots of laugh-out-loud moments to share in Spells, a wonderful and inventive story from Kate Greenaway Medal winner, Emily Gravett. Have fun flipping the mix-and-match pages to follow Frog as he struggles through a host of jumbled spell combinations and extraordinary guises (Rabbit? Fabbit?! Prabbit!?!) in search of his fairytale ending.

In the media

Thought through in every detail . . . magic.
Sunday Times
Will have children and adults laughing
The Times
Witty and ingeniously designed . . . No detail of this terrific book is too small to have escaped Gravett's droll touch
Financial Times