Released on 30 July 2015.

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Wolves 10th Anniversary Edition

For ages 3-5
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Rabbit borrows a book about wolves from the library. He can't put it down! But soon a sinister figure with sharp claws and a bushy tail starts to creep right off the pages. You won't believe your eyes - but if you're a rabbit, you probably should.

Brilliantly witty, ingeniously constructed, and with amazing artwork throughout, Wolves has thrilled critics and booksellers alike. Wolves was Emily Gravett's debut book, and with it she won both the Macmillan Prize for Illustration and her first Kate Greenaway Award.

Wolves 10th Anniversary Edition celebrates the inventiveness and beauty that made the original such a classic. It features an additional mini book to cut out and keep; it's called 10 Little Rabbits, and it's Wolf's favourite book . . .

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