You and Your Bump

Simple steps to pregnancy wellbeing

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Publication date: 03.06.2011
ISBN: 9781447205418
Number of pages: 0


Written by a leading complementary fertility specialist, Emma Cannon, this companion for pre-conception, pregnancy and the postnatal period blends the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with conventional Western medical practice. With her fusion approach, Emma offers advice to help mums-to-be prepare for labour and post-birth and solutions to pregnancy-related conditions.

You and Your Bump gently takes you through each stage of your pregnancy with advice on:

* Your general health and lifestyle, good nutrition and the link between emotions and physical health

* Baby development and changes to your body

* Common pregnancy conditions and treatments, with both Eastern and Western approaches

* Preparing for labour and motherhood

* How dads can help at each stage

'A brilliant book from a woman who knows what she's talking about. I adore Emma Cannon' Sophie Dahl

'Her unique approach to health and fertility bridges the gap between Western and Eastern medicine' Dr Tim Evans