Mary, Queen of Scots

Eric Linklater

23 August 2018
122 pages


A major film starring Oscar nominated actress Saoirse Ronan and BAFTA award winner Margot Robbie.

‘She was always in the lead, thrusting herself against the storm, tireless in pursuit’

Mary, Queen of Scots was only eighteen years old when she came to the throne of Scotland in 1542. A catholic in a protestant country, her twenty-five year reign was marked by turbulence. Eric Linklater accentuates her strong political ambition, her kindness and strength in adversity as she battled through religious divide, hostility from Queen Elizabeth, unwanted suitors, spiteful love traps and double-crossing rebel lords. But throughout all of this she ruled her country with austere kindness and grace, woman against men, Queen against Queen.

Eric Linklater details the trials and tribulations of Mary’s life with illustrative precision, littered with quotes and poetry that build an honest portrayal of this prestigious Queen.

Mr. Linklater is indeed versatile, if not downright capricious