Escape Room Puzzles: Eco Dome Disaster


Ages 7 to 9
04 August 2022
64 pages


Are you smart enough to help Ethan, Kiran, Cassia and Zane track down the toxic slime that's infiltrated an incredible eco dome?

This dynamic, interactive book is packed with all kinds of puzzles, including fiendish mazes, cunning logic problems, codes to crack, tricky memory challenges, and much more. On a school science trip to an eco dome filled with amazing exotic plants, the gang discover a trail of nasty toxic slime. To track down the source of the slime before it escapes into the outside world, you will need every ounce of brainpower to progress through the challenges, navigating through five locations to the final exit. Throughout the book, nuggets of non-fiction information about forests and plants are scattered on the pages.

Look out for all the books in the Escape Room Puzzles series and see if you have what it takes to help the gang carry out each mission!