Dead Ernest

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Macmillan New Writing

Publication date: 18.10.2011
ISBN: 9780230764705
Number of pages: 0


The death of her husband after sixty years of miserable, abusive marriage, leaves Annie Bentley trying to understand her feelings. Soon afterwards, two uninvited and, at first, unwelcome visitors come into Annie’s life: her teenage granddaughter, Ophelia; and Andrew, a local vicar who is struggling with his own unhappy marriage.

As the story of Annie’s life unfolds and she learns to face her demons, Ophelia and Andrew also find some answers about themselves. Finally, Annie and Ophelia fly to Austria to scatter Ernest’s ashes. But will this allow Annie to come to terms with her past?

A memorable tale of love, redemption, and forgiveness, Dead Ernest offers a tender, sometimes irreverent take on marriage and bereavement. Perhaps, after all, the life – and death – of Ernest Bentley have not been in vain.