Act of Darkness

Francis King

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21 November 2013
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Murder. A violent death in horrifying circumstances detonates the atmosphere of languor and sexual tension in the Thompson household.

Francis King’s disturbing novel opens in India in the 1930s, in the lush summer house of the Thompson family. Father, stepmother, daughter, governess, ayah – all are under suspicion.

And the most sinister of motives merely deflects the truth as it slithers out of reach until a final reunion in Australia decades later.

‘So beautifully written that one is reluctant to reveal who is murdered, let alone who dunnit . . . brilliantly successful’ Auberon Waugh

‘A master novelist’ Melvyn Bragg

‘Will not fail to impress’ Graham Swift

‘[has] an emotional charge and breadth of vision which place it in the forefront of this year’s novels’ Harriet Waugh

‘Unputdownable’ Paul Bailey