The Nick of Time

Francis King

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21 November 2013
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‘A book dealing with modern problems and rightly longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. King is a writer’s writer, his voice utterly convincing’ Beryl Bainbridge, Books of the Year, Daily Telegraph

Francis King’s provocative and adventurous novel looks at the havoc wrought when a young Kosovan – an illegal immigrant – finds himself in London. Mehmet leads a double life befriending and lodging with an elderly woman who suffers from MS, while at the same time having an affair with a female doctor and throwing himself onto the London gay scene. Disaster looms when he begins a relationship with a gay protector – and is arrested because of his illegal status.

‘Very much of here and now . . . entirely persuasive’ Penelope Lively, The Spectator

‘I loved The Nick of Time, very enjoyable and subversive, with a highly engaging hero whose bad behaviour made compulsive reading – his exploits were most entertaining’ Margaret Drabble

‘King’s skill is such that, though one senses from early on that Mehmet is totally untrustworthy, the hypnotism of his charm is convincing’ Anthony Thwaite, Sunday Telegraph

‘An up-to-the-minute thriller centred on the fortunes and misfortunes of a handsome illegal immigrant . . . and beautifully written’ Antonia Fraser, Books of the Year, Mail on Sunday