Released on 06 June 2013.

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The Unknowns

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Imagine David Nicholls's One Day as retold by Woody Allen and you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect with Gabriel Roth's The Unknowns.

It’s not easy to pursue the most alluring woman in North America when you’re a misfiring circuit of over-analytical self-doubt and she has a way with a killer line and a perfectly raised eyebrow. Even, that is, when you’ve survived your teen years as an outcast in the school computer room to become a dot com millionaire. But as Eric Muller refines his email technique, his date patter, and his ability to shut up after sex, he finds there’s more to Maya Marcom than meets the eye.

Will our hero be driven to uncover the whole truth about his lover – or will they continue in bliss and wonder?

Welcome to the hilarious, neurotic, and peculiarly perceptive world of The Unknowns.

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[a] sparky, neurotic debut novel [...] Roth has a sharp awareness of trends and this comes out, hilariously, in Eric's dry commentary. The earnestness of youth is wittily depicted [...] Eric could be a creep but Roth has imbued him with such a hefty amount of humorous self-doubt that you can't help but root for him. [...] The Unknowns is a confident novel that manages to be both funny and sad. Buy it
Daily Telegraph
Extremely funny . . . a great novel for the 21st century.