Rastamouse and the Micespace Mystery

Genevieve Webster

Michael de Souza

Ages 3-5
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12 September 2013
40 pages


The Easy Crew have received a call from the President. A geek-a-mouse has hacked into the Mouseland bank and stolen all the money! Just how will the President pay for the treats he’s promised the baby orphans now? Luckily Rastamouse has a plan, and it doesn’t look like the gadget-loving Mister Flash is going to stay at large for long.

A riddim-rockin’ brand new picture book, featuring everyone’s favourite reggae-playing mouse!

Little man loves how Rastamouse talks, he really likes how colourful and bright the book is... it's a lovely book, very fun!

Lilinha Angel’s World

A funny story... and cleverly written.

Caterpillar Tales

I can see this book being read many more times and is a great entertaining story for little fans of Rastamouse!

In The Playroom