Edward Trencom's Nose

A Novel of History, Dark Intrigue and Cheese

3.14 based on 333 ratings & 71 reviews on Goodreads.com

Edward Trencom has bumbled through life, relying on his trusty nose to turn the family cheese shop into the most celebrated fromagerie in England. But his world is turned upside down when he stumbles across a crate of family papers. To his horror, Edward discovers that nine previous generations of his family have come to sticky ends because of their noses. When he investigates further, Edward finds himself caught up in a Byzantine riddle to which there is no obvious answer . . .

Giles Milton’s deliciously comic debut novel is a mouth-watering blend of Louis de Bernieres, Tom Sharpe and P. G. Wodehouse with every page permeated by the pungent odour of cheese.

'The pong of ripe Limburger lingers impressively' - Observer

'Comic novels are difficult to write: any old halfwit can produce 400 pages of stinking high seriousness, but it takes a real wit to manage 400 pages of mild, fragrant good humour' Guardian

About Giles Milton

Giles Milton is the author of the novels Edward Trencom's Nose and According to Arnold, and several works of bestselling narrative non-fiction, including Nathaniel's Nutmeg, Samurai William, Big Chief Elizabeth, White Gold and The Week the World Forgot. He lives in London with his wife and daughters.

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According to Arnold
According to Arnold