Released on 03 May 2012.

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Dances of Death

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In this collection of twelve short stories, Dances of Death, readers are challenged to contemplate the meaning of death, and its impact on those that are left behind:

In ‘An End in Great Russell Street’, an elderly man walks the streets of London and encounters all the ghosts from his past, and the influence that they’ve each had on his life, as he contemplates his own demise.

Feelings of bitterness and isolation associated with grief are explored in ‘The Enemy’ as a woman who has resentful feelings towards her mother is left reeling following news of her sudden death.

And ‘The Loss’ is a devastating tale of how one man overcomes the loss of his wife through the comfort and companionship of his dog, yet is left devastated when the pet suddenly goes missing.

Gillian Tindall offers an incredibly moving and thought-provoking selection, which will challenge all our perceptions of this important and universal topic.