Out on 25 February 2021


Gita Trelease

Ages 12+
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25 February 2021
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Liberté by Gita Trelease is the spell-binding sequel to the bestselling Enchanteé.

Magic. Betrayal. Sacrifice.

Summer, 1789. The streets of Paris run red with blood. The Palace of Versailles has been shuttered, the nobles stripped of their titles and magic banned. In the narrow lanes, crowds cry death to the nobles. The promise of liberty is in the air – the people of France only have to seize it.

But for Camille, the revolution she longed for now promises only danger. On one side, she faces death as the forcibly ennobled Vicomtess – on the other, betrayal, as she is hunted down as an outlaw for practising magic. But magic is not just something Camille does, it is something she is . . .

Saved by street girl Odette when protestors invade Versailles, Camille promises her safety in return, taking her into her home. But as shadows lurk and danger closes in, how can Camille know that she can trust Odette?

Enchantée is a lit firework crackling with treacherous magic, decadent romance and disguises that take on lives of their own. I adore this gorgeous, deliciously addictive book!

Stephanie Garber, author of Caraval on Enchantée

An intoxicating blend of opulence, magic, intrigue and romance. Gita Trelease deftly balances a spellbinding story of desperation and deceit on the precipice of the epic revolution that changed history. Camille's tale wrapped around me as entrancingly as her magical gown.

Alwyn Hamilton, author of Rebel of the Sands on Enchantée

Trelease is a supremely confident writer... [Enchantee is] a triumph of high jinx over history, which should keep young readers enthralled to the meticulously plotted end

Emily Bearns on Enchantée - Telegraph