Released on 03 August 2007.

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A Fistful of Knickers

One Woman's Tussle with Underwear

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What women wear next to their skin is, variously, a source of support, excitement, discomfort and obsession, and this fun and witty social history of underwear offers a light-hearted investigation into its practicalities as well as the frivolous frills that we find so appealing.

Each chapter covers a different undergarment (or instrument of torture, depending on your point of view), from bras and bustles to slips and suspenders, with line drawings to illustrate. The author writes from experience about the trials of too-tight hold-ups and underwiring that bends the wrong way, not to mention why it takes her so long to pluck up the courage to go into Agent Provocateur.

Revealing the uncomfortable truth behind the apparently innocent facade of underwear, this book is an attempt to fathom the inner workings and motivation behind the bustier, the bum roll (of course it exists - just you wait...), the fiendish knicker and its dastardly cousin the g-string. In the process, the author will face her delightful and devilish nemesis head-on - strategically placed bows and all.