The Gates of Troy

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It was a time of warriors...

It was ten years ago since Odysseus started his rule of Ithaca and his reign has been one of peace and plenty. But across the seas, eyes meet across a burning fire and a long-forgotten oath begins to surface.

When Paris of Troy meets Helen of Sparta the love affair of centuries begins. For the rest of Greece - it means war. Reminded of the sacred oath sworn, Odysseus and his captain of the guard, Eperitus must gather their troops and journey to Aulis where the fleet of Greeks is gathering to begin their legendary journey to Troy. But a sleight to the gods keeps their ships trapped at harbour and only the greatest of sacrifices can set them free – the slaughter of an innocent girl.

In a race against time, Odysseus and Eperitus pit themselves against Kings and Gods in an attempt to prevent the greatest war in history. But the gates of Troy are looming…

About Glyn Iliffe

Glyn Iliffe studied English and Classics at Reading University where he developed a passion for the ancient stories of Greek history and mythology. Well-travelled, Glyn has visited nearly forty countries, trekked in the Himalayas, spent six weeks hitchhiking across North America and had his collarbone broken by a bull in Pamplona. " " " " He is married with two daughters and lives in Leicestershire.

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