Released on 17 June 2005.

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Empire of Unreason

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When Sir Isaac Newton uncovered the secrets of alchemy, he could never have imagined the tragic results. Dark sorcery rules. Europe is lost and the American colonists have been driven south. The demonic creatures known as the Malekim won't tolerate even a flicker of hope. Any who oppose them - Franklin, Voltaire and even the mysterious daughters of Lilith - will be swept away.

However, Benjamin Franklin and his secret society, the Junto, manage a precarious existence founded on the mutual trust of Native Americans, whites, and freed blacks. And as armies and alchemy clash, the Choctaw shaman Red Shoes witnesses a vision of an ancient, implacable evil - and of a young boy who shines as brightly as an angel...the fallen, avaricious kind...

'An iconoclastic tale of science and sorcery leavened by a set of otherworldly villains offers deliciously skewed portraits of historical figures as well as a genuinely intriguing plot' Library Journal