Released on 09 February 2017.

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Fathers and Sons

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This tender yet hard-boiled memoir is a searing exploration of parenting and gender-creation…Cunnell deserves the accolades he will receive for his book’s painterly, masculine honesty
Socialist Review
Fathers & Sons will be one of 2017's most memorable memoirs . . . Concise and beautifully written, it is an unforgettable exploration of fatherhood, masculinity and family
This spellbinding life force of a memoir... In a little over 200 pages, this book manages to be all kinds of exceptional: an urgent, agonising exploration of fatherhood, masculinity and family and a testament to the power of the written word to reach out to us in dark times. Above all, it is a hymn to the 'shaping axe' of human love: motherly love, sibling love, erotic love and, ultimately, the transcending love of a father for a child, his in all but biology. Fragile as it may sometimes seem, love can conquer a whole sea of strife.
Daily Express