Released on 13 August 2015.

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Behind the Legend

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In this freshly revised edition of his classic biography, bestselling author J Randy Taraborrelli takes Frank Sinatra's vast audience where it has never been before: deep inside the private life and affairs of this complex, emotional man. The reality of the Sinatra story is all here - rife with sex, danger, inspiration and show-business politics.

The author provides astonishing details of Sinatra's many tempestious romances, including those with with Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow, Juliet Prowse and Marilyn Monroe. The reader will learn about his romantic, platonic, and at times even volatile relationship with Elizabeth Taylor; the sad and touching story of Sinatra's relationship with Nancy Reagan; the long-term feud between Frank and his daughter Nancy and how his loss of memory in his final years affected his performance.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews with Sinatra's closest friends and associates, and on scores of legal documents, the author explains Frank Sinatra's often tortured but always rewarding life and career in a balanced, informed and honest manner.

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J Randy Taraborrelli reveals explosive new details on the star's suicide attempts, love affairs and doomed marriages.
The Express
With exemplary sleuthing, Taraborrelli talks to the long trail of broken-hearted women he left in his wake, alerting us to the 13-year-old girl he impregnated in his early twenties ... In the two decades since his book's first publication, Taraborelli has continued to trawl through the CIA files to convince himself that Sinatra's rumoured links to the mafia are largely unfounded. He covers the feud between Sinatra's last wife, Barbara, and his kids ... for a gossipy guy who always cuts straight to the chase of sex, drugs, fame and money, Taraborelli is rigorous and credible.
The Telegraph
Even if you're not a fan of Ol' Blue Eyes, Taraborrelli's mesmerising Sinatra is worth reading to remind yourself that, at its very best, showbiz biography can be both an art and a craft.
Daily Mail