How To Brexit

Jack Parlett

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20 October 2016
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Jack Parlett gives a timely and informative exploration of Britain and the European Union, showing how the referendum of 2016 is steeped in history and philosophy. With references as wide ranging as Thomas Hobbes, Jean Bodin, and Shakespeare, as well as contemporary scholars and commentators, Parlett delves deep into the concept of Brexit, considering sovereignty and democracy in the wake of the Leave vote.

With contributions from Justin Champion, Simon Glendinning, Daniel Hannan, Tom Kremer, Laura Sandys, Sir Roger Scruton and Adam Zamoyski, whose How to: Academy debate on 13th June 2016 at Conway Hall, Westminster, was the inspiration for this book.

How to: Brexit is an essential guide with a measured perspective on both the Leave and Remain campaigns, taking us further into what the future for the UK will be outside of the EU.