Released on 23 September 2011.

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Sleeping Partner

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'A most promising debut for the talented Humphreys.' Marcel Berlins, The Times

Clarissa Morland is twenty-seven, attractive, shy -and standing trial for the murder of her ex-lover John Grant.

John was shot at dawn as he answered the door of his isolated farmhouse. But Clarissa has no memory of this. All she can remember is being cut free from the wreckage of her car that same morning, after what looks like a frantic getaway.

As intimate details of her life and relationship are laid bare for the court, even Clarissa finds it hard to believe she is innocent. But murdering the man she loved in cold blood? she's just not that evil - is she?

'A most impressive debut noel. But like all really good crime fiction, there is more to this book than a good puzzle... Simple and assured writing make even the mirror characters come alive.' Mike Ripley, Sherlock Holmes Magazine

'A slick and gripping debut.' Maxim Jakubowski, Guardian

'A really gripping courtroom thriller...There is an astonishing climax and this is a genuine spellbinder.' Publishers Weekly