The Incendiary's Trail

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Murder is rampant in Early Victorian London. Detective Inspector Newsome of the new Detective Force decides to recruit a recently-apprehended master criminal to help bring the culprits to justice. A polymath with a mysterious past, the man is no eager volunteer.

And when the ghastly murder of conjoined twins galvanizes the city, Newsome blackmails his prisoner – Noah Dyson, as he calls himself – into working with the Force’s finest: Sergeant George Williamson.

Unknown to the policemen, the criminal genius behind the murder shares a dark past with their new associate. It is not justice that is on Dyson’s mind, but retribution. As Williamson and Dyson together close the net, the murder-rate soars and the streets of London begin to burn. Ingeniously plotted and seething with grotesque characters, James McCreet’s striking debut will grip readers from its first dark pages.

About James McCreet

James McCreet was born in Sheffield. He taught English abroad for several years before returning to the UK to become a journalist and copywriter.

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An Interview With James McCreet

An Interview With James McCreet

21 October 2014

By Pan Macmillan

We love it when our authors pop into the office at Pan Macmillan, so when James McCreet came in the other day we managed steal him for a few minutes to ask him some questions about his new book, The Incendiary's Trail. Here's what he had to say...