Home Sweet Horror (Scary Tales 1)

Illustrated by

3.63 based on 232 ratings & 63 reviews on Goodreads.com
Macmillan Children's Books

Publication date: 24.10.2013
ISBN: 9781447246954
Number of pages: 0


When Liam’s family moves into a creepy old house in a strange new town, he immediately feels like something is wrong. It’s as if the house is trying to tell him something, and whatever it is it’s something really bad.

Dad thinks Liam’s just missing his dead mother, but when Liam and his sister summon a terrifying spirit through the bathroom mirror, the battle with the house becomes a life-or-death situation. Can the kids persuade Dad to listen to them before it’s too late?

Scary Tales are books packed with spine-tingling illustrations and stories that will chill your blood. Come on in . . . if you dare

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First in a brand new series... First class introduction to the world of horror - James Preller has hit the nail right on the head with this one.
Books Monthly
Spooky illustrations and grey pages give the book just the right feel.
Parents in Touch
This actually quite scary tale is part of a series for young readers which will be perfect for readers who like to be given quite a fright.
Library Mice