Released on 02 March 2007.

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A Sport and a Pastime

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Touring Paris and provincial France in a handsome borrowed car, Philip Dean, Yale dropout, has an affair with a young French woman named Anne-Marie. Their liaison is imagined with candour and sensitivity by an unnamed narrator, whose fantasies become compellingly and hauntingly real. A Sport and A Pastime has been hailed as a watershed in American fiction of the 1960s: remarkable for its eroticism, its luminous prose and its ability to blur the boundaries of reality and dreamlife, daytime and nightime, soul and flesh.

'A tour de force in erotic realism, a romantic cliffhanger, an opaline vision of Americans in France' New York Times

'Salter is the contemporary writer most admired and envied by other writers . . . he can, when he wants, break your heart with a sentence' Washington Post

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A tour de force of erotic realism, a romantic cliffhanger
New York Times
To read Salter's work is always to embark on a journey through a life lived - the beautiful and the colourless, the tragic and the sustaining . . . exceptional fiction that cuts to our most cherished and at times most private truths. Read him when you can, his novels about sex and flying and war and love - those moments that should outshine all others - and your own world, your own moments worth remembering will appear all the brighter for it
Robert Frost said that the hope of any poet is to lodge a few poems so deep they couldn't be dislodged, and James Salter has done that again and again. He has become an indelible presence in our literature