Released on 01 January 2015.

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In June, 2006, Picador launch Picador Shots, a new series of pocket-sized books priced at £1. The Shots aim to promote the short story as well as the work of some Picador's greatest authors. They will be contemporarily packaged but ultimately disposable books that are the ideal literary alternative to a magazine.

In these two stories, James Salter portrays men and women in their most intimate moments. In 'My Lord You' a lonely married woman, after a disturbing encounter with a drunken poet at a dinner party, finds herself irresistibly drawn to his animal surrogate, a huge tawny-eyed dog. In 'Last Night', an ageing but successful business men meets up with a woman he has loved and lost twenty years later only to find himself reacting in a way he would never have imagined…

'Salter is a writer who particularly rewards those for whom reading is an intense pleasure. He is among the very few North American writers all of whose work I want to read, whose as yet unpublished books I wait for impatiently' Susan Sontag

'Salter's prose is rare and stunning' John Irving

'James Salter is the contemporary writer most admired and envied by other writers . . . He can, when he wants, break your heart with a sentence' Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World