Daughter of Riches

Janet Tanner

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27 March 2014
504 pages

Did Sophia Langlois - passionate, wealthy, respected - really shoot her eldest son that November night in 1972? Or was she protecting someone else when she claimed she did? Twenty years later her granddaughter Juliet is determined to learn the truth.

But she is not the only one interested in the Langlois case. Dan Deffains, son of Sophia's late attorney, and an investigative reporter by profession, has scented a story. His path and Juliet's cross as they follow the tangled leads and uncover a story of love and passion, loyalty and betrayal which has its roots in beleaguered wartime Jersey, when the island was occupied by the Nazis. But is the truth more devastating than the lie? Would it have been better for all concerned if Juliet - and Dan - had left the past where it belonged . . .