Released on 01 January 2015.

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Charlotte Dumont is a retired police psychic living a lonely existence in Chicago. For years she used her special gift to help local detectives solve hopeless missing-person cases, but now feels burned out....mostly because her missing persons usually turn up dead. That's why she is so reluctant to assist a desperate young woman turning up on her doorstep.But Natalie Fortunato finally persuades her to help trace her missing boyfriend, Paul Lattamore, who has disappeared. Except that Charlotte realises Paul is happily married and living in Colorado -- so Natalie cannot be told his whereabouts. Natalie is actually the daughter of a mafia don against whom Paul is set to testify, so meanwhile he is living in hiding in a Federal Witness Protection Program, in danger of his life. When Charlotte manages to give Natalie the slip, there begins a terrifying chase across country, with Charlotte's psychic powers pitted against torture and murder...