Released on 06 September 2018.

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The Rest of Their Lives

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Filled with all the larger-than-life characters and enchanting storytelling that made readers fall for The Reader on the 6.27, Jean-Paul Didierlaurent’s follow-up novel, The Rest of Their Lives, is set to charm the world.

It’s difficult to find love in a profession like Ambroise’s – even his father despises what he does . . .

And while Manelle – a home-help for the elderly in the same small French town – adores her days spent with her eccentric clients, she too often ends her evenings alone.

So when an unusual request from Manelle’s favourite client – eighty-two-year-old retired chef-gourmand Samuel – brings the two of them together for an unlikely road-trip to Switzerland, along with Ambroise’s cake-loving grandmother, it might just be time for the rest of their lives to begin . . .

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Readers will find the same sensitivity, the same poetry, the same humour as in The Reader on the 6:27 . . . A charming story
Jean-Paul Didierlaurent at the Beyond Words French Literature Festival

Jean-Paul Didierlaurent at the Beyond Words French Literature Festival

  • Institut Francais
    Institut Francais
    23 Cromwell Road London, SW7 UNITED KINGDOM
  • 18 May 2018 18:30
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International bestseller The Reader on the 6:27 was a huge success in France and in the UK and beyond. Its author, Jean-Paul Didierlaurent will be in conversation with Ann Morgan, from the blog Rea...

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