#2 in series


An Afterword

Book 2 in the series

4.01 based on 1055 ratings & 86 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 22.09.2016
ISBN: 9781509843237
Number of pages: 464


Janice Shriek, ex-society figure, narrates this tale with flamboyant intensity and under increasingly urgent conditions. We follow the adventures of her brother Duncan, an historian obsessed with a doomed love affair, and learn of a secret that may kill or transform him. We witness a war between rival publishing houses that will change Ambergris forever. And we’re introduced to the gray caps, a marginalized people armed with advanced fungal technologies, who’ve been waiting underground for their chance to mould the future of the city.

Shriek: An Afterword is an epic yet personal look at life, love and death in the vividly imagined city of Ambergris. And, through this tumultuous story of the family Shriek, the author shows his genius at capturing and displaying the bizarre.

In the media

Five stars . . . from an author who should be turning heads in the 'serious' literary world
BBC Focus Magazine
There are touches of Borges and Nabokov as well as H. P. Lovecraft in this tale of changing fortunes and shifting relationships . . . atmospheric
The Times

Challenging, intelligent and downright fun