A Prison Diary Volume I

Jeffrey Archer

24 July 2003
272 pages


From the bestselling author of Kane and Abel, Hell is the first volume in Jeffrey Archer's The Prison Diaries – the author's daily record of the time he spent locked inside.

'A haunting and compelling insight into prison life' – Daily Mail

The sun is shining through the bars of my window on what must be a glorious summer day. I've been incarcerated in a cell five paces by three for twelve and a half hours, and will not be let out again until midday; eighteen and a half hours of solitary confinement. There is a child of seventeen in the cell below me who has been charged with shoplifting - his first offence, not even convicted - and he is being locked up for eighteen and a half hours, unable to speak to anyone. This is Great Britain in the twenty-first century, not Turkey, not Nigeria, not Kosovo, but Britain.

On Thursday 19 July 2001, after a perjury trial lasting seven weeks, Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to four years in jail. He was to spend the first twenty-two days and fourteen hours in HMP Belmarsh, a double A-Category high-security prison in South London, which houses some of Britain's most violent criminals. This is his illuminating insight into prison life.

A haunting and compelling insight into prison life
Surprisingly effective . . . a devastating critique written simply and directly
The finest thing that he has ever written