Other Blighters' Efforts

Jeffrey Archer

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01 October 2018
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October’s brilliant instalment of The Year of Short Stories is Other Blighters’ Efforts. Released as one of a limited number of digital shorts released to celebrate the publication of Jeffrey Archer’s magnificent seventh short-story collection, Tell Tale.

Taken from To Cut a Long Story Short, Jeffrey Archer's magnificent fourth collection of short stories, Other Blighters' Efforts is an ingenious, witty and brilliant short read.

Henry Pascoe, the First Secretary at the British High Commission on Aranga, is determined to build a swimming pool for the local children. But despite his best efforts to convince local businessmen and the British government to fund such an endeavour he is desperately short of money. However, with his posting coming to an end he discovers a way to get the money he needs with the unwitting help of the High Commission’s bank manager . . .

Probably the greatest storyteller of our age

Mail on Sunday

If there was a Nobel Prize for storytelling, Archer would win

Daily Telegraph

Stylish, witty and constantly entertaining . . . Jeffrey Archer has a natural aptitude for short stories

The Times