Dead Again

Jennie Melville

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04 June 2015
192 pages

As Joan Dingham awaits release from prison, her former partners in crime - Beryl Andrea Barker (otherwise known as 'Baby'), Phyllis and Bee - prepare for her return with hushed excitement. Only one of the original gang is missing - Diana King, now deceased.

But even before the prison gates have been opened for Joan, another spate of murders rocks the town. And extraordinarily the corpses bear the very same markings as the bodies of Joan's victims years before.

Senior policewoman Charmian Daniels, assigned to protect Joan, is also put in charge of the new murder cases - and soon senses an uncomfortable echo of the past inhabiting the present. Is Joan responsible for these killings, or could there be a copycat killer on the loose . . .?

Then Diana King appears out of the blue. But she has been dead for years - hasn't she?