Whoever Has the Heart

Jennie Melville

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21 May 2015
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Buying a house in the picturesque village of Brideswell was an impulse decision for high-ranking policewoman Charmian Daniels. Green, serene; Brideswell seemed like an ideal retreat from the pressures of work. But when the village beauty, Chloe Devon, mysteriously disappears, Charmian begins to suspect that Brideswell is not all it seems.

When part of Chloe's corpse is discovered in London, and another part is unearthed in a shallow grave in Brideswell, Charmian must heed the police maxim of 'whoever has the heart, takes the case'. So, together with local Detective Chief Superintendent Clive Barney, she determines to catch the killer.

As Charmian struggles to uncover possible motives for the girl's savage murder, she becomes troubled by the threatening atmosphere surrounding the village. Her enquiries uncover a host of demons from Brideswell's past, which must be exorcised before the villagers can sleep in peace . . .

With fine-edged brushstrokes, Melville chronicles the intelligent, ambitious Charmian's rise up the police ladder of success.

Publishers Weekly

Melville is a crackerjack mystery writer . . . the plot does plenty of hairpin turns around the quaint village characters.

St Petersburg Times

A very good read.