After Hours

Jenny Oldfield

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23 October 2014
0 pages

Jenny Oldfield's second novel returns to the familiar residents of Paradise Court in London's East End and finds them picking up the pieces of their lives after the First World War.

Duke Parsons resolutely serves his customers long after last orders are called - until a court order brutally spells out the end of an era at the Duke of Wellington.

And what of other members of the Parsons family - Ernie and Rob, Jess and Maurice, and Sadie, now a spirited and beautiful young woman, battling for her independence? The rules of life in this close-knit community have always been simple. While Sadie's headstrong nature catapults her and the family into heartache and ultimately tragedy, the rest of Paradise Court joins forces to reinstate Duke in his rightful place behind the bar, regardless of how unconventional the means.