All Fall Down

Jenny Oldfield

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23 October 2014
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'Suddenly into the silence of Duke Street came an ear-splitting wail. It rose from a deep groan, gaining volume, whining overhead, penetrating the courts and alleys at the heart of London's East End.'

They were at war with Germany . . .

Yet as the horror of the Blitz tests the indomitable East End spirit to its limit, life goes on much as before, Annie, Hettie and George keep the Duke of Wellington open amidst almost daily bombings, a haven of normality for all their friends. Tommy O'Hagan struggles to hide a secret and forbidden love - until disaster looms; Sadie and Walter Davidson try to adjust as they send their young sons off on the evacuees' train from Waterloo; and Sadie's daughter Maggie, spirited, beautiful and sixteen, falls in love for the first time, setting off a chain of events even she could never have dreamt of.

The third book in Jenny Oldfield's compelling series brings the hardship and warmth of life in the East End during the Blitz achingly to life.