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Publication date: 30.08.2012
ISBN: 9780230765092
Number of pages: 0


She never forgot, and she'll never forgive . . .

In 1941, mixed race Ruby Darke is born into a family that seem to hate her, but why?

While her two brothers dive into a life of gangland violence, Ruby has to work in their family store. As she blossoms into a beautiful young woman she crosses paths with aristocrat Cornelius Bray, a chance meeting that will change her life forever. When she finds herself pregnant, and then has twins, she is forced to give her children away. At that point she vows never to trust another man again.

As the years pass, Ruby never forgets her babies, and as the family store turns into a retail empire, Ruby wants her children back. But secrets were whispered and bargains made, and if Ruby wants to stay alive she needs to forget the past, or the past will come back and kill her.

Nameless is a gripping underworld thriller by bestselling author Jessie Keane.

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Gripping Thriller
Look Magazine
The book is incredibly well written and the author allows you to develop a real empathy for the characters... The only disappointment I had was when I had finished the book, I wanted more! This is not the usual sort of material that I would read but I was gripped from the very beginning right through to the end. I would thoroughly recommend it.
Jessie Keane gives us a fascinating insight into the rivalries and lifestyles of those who make fortunes out of a criminal way of life and of the lowlifes that carry out their orders.
Lincolnshire Echo